favorites: january 2019

hey people! i wanted to start doing a blog series showcasing some of my favorite things each month. the list is random; there’s no rhyme or reason to it. nothing is sponsored. here are the things i’ve been liking this month:

1) cedarwood essential oil

i put a few drops in my diffuser in the morning and it smells like i’m walking through the forest and it’s great. i even put a little bit on myself like a cologne yesterday and i felt like a lumberjack. who doesn’t want that?

2) group fitness

i’ve been taking health & fitness more seriously this year, but i was struggling to find motivation at my regular gym. a close friend recommended orangetheory fitness to me and i have been attending classes regularly (4 days in a row this week LET’S GOOO!). with the “family-like” atmosphere and the positivity of the instructors, it’s helped change my attitude towards my physical health and just fitness overall. there’s a sense of community and togetherness that makes pushing yourself easier. don’t get me wrong, the classes are NOT easy breezy and my whole body is sore, but it’s been an awesome experience.

3) “III” by Hillsong Young & Free

this album has been out for a few months, but i just recently started to shuffle through all of the songs. it’s a great album to sing along to and it’s great to have in the background while working, studying, etc. my top picks off the album: let go, highs & lows, days gone by, P E A C E

4) airpods

i’ll just admit it: i’m an airpod fanboy. they go with me practically everywhere and it just makes listening to music + talking on the phone a seamless, enjoyable experience throughout my day. if you see me out and about, there’s a good chance i’ll be wearing airpods. now if we could have apple make airpods with unlimited battery? please?

5) unfold app

i constantly get asked about how i edit my instagram photos and stories and this is one of the apps i use! i’ve been a fan of unfold for a long time and have been a faithful user of their templates for my Instagram stories (i buy every single pack whenever they launch new ones). with all of the new fonts and features, i’ve enjoyed trying my hand at some simple graphics that work well as iPhone wallpapers or possibly even printed and hung on a wall:

i hope you enjoyed this post. there will be more of these in the future when i figure out more things i like.

be well,


David Elm