psa: you matter.

hi again. first, forgive me while my brain explodes thinking about how i can type out words onto a computer that other human beings from all over the world can read instantly when i press “publish”. technology never ceases to astound me. ok, let’s proceed.

if we’ve never met, hello i’m david i’m a 22 year old creative thinker + content creator + writer + podcaster and i’m here to tell you this: you matter. you’re probably thinking: “uh okay thanks random dude” BUT i mean it. i’m currently sitting at Philz Coffee in Davis, CA (shoutout to all my fellow northern californians) and as i look around at the 30+ people in this store, i feel a few things:

  1. the fact that i can’t possibly meet and get to know all of these people makes me sad. i’m a major people person and a good conversation is always one of my primary objectives each and every day. i’m the type of guy that leaves big groups like this wondering, “hm i wonder what those people are going to do with the rest of their day?”. call it strange, but i love feeling connected to humanity.

  2. i feel energized by knowing each of these humans has incredible potential and although i may never know what they end up doing with their lives here on earth, i’m amazed by the capacity God has given humanity to accomplish amazing things.

  3. each and every one of us matters. and it saddens me that many of us walk through our day to day life believing lies that are not in line with that fact.

what i’m getting at here is i feel a sense of personal responsibility to remind my sphere of influence that they matter. their stories should not be discounted. their dreams should not be taken lightly. they hold so much significance in the eyes of Christ and in the eyes of so many loved ones surrounding them. if we could own that as our reality, i think we would see abundant growth in our self-esteem, relationships, careers, etc.. just imagine how much you could get done in a day if you chose to reject the self depreciating thoughts that obstruct your creativity and ingenuity. this isn’t easy, especially in our comparison culture we live in. but until we all carry that confidence we all strive for, i’ll keep shouting it from the rooftops: you matter.

be well,


David Elm