three questions to ask yourself today

i don’t know about you, but i like to mentally check in with myself multiple times a day. life happens at a rapid pace these days and it’s way too easy to get distracted or hung up on things that don’t really matter. in fact, i think many of us can find ourselves stuck in a state of “un-intentional living”. we go through the motions, talk who we need to talk to, do the work, eat the sandwich, send the e-mail, buy the shoes, take the class without even really examining if those things are the best possible choice. now, i do think there is value in not OVERthinking every little thing, however I think intentionality is one of the keys to a thriving heart & soul. personally, i find that checking in with my mind, emotions, and goals helps me feel like i’m not just spinning my wheels, but rather moving forward on my mission to make life a little better each and every day here on planet earth.

i thought of three questions you can ask yourself today that will hopefully point your mindset in a positive direction.

  • how am i doing?

  • am i taking a step in the right direction?

  • who can i impact?

  1. how am i doing?

this one is so vital. be brutally honest with yourself. maybe you’re good! maybe you’re having the best day. celebrate that and count the blessings. perhaps the day is sluggishly dragging on and you feel discouraged and unmotivated. allow yourself to feel what you feel and then you can adjust to a more positive perspective. but flat out ignoring a bad day won’t make it go away and you can even get more frustrated because you aren’t being transparent with your own smart self who knows something’s wrong. remember to take care of yourself. take deep breaths, put the phone down, take a walk, grab a coffee with a friend…process what’s going on in your life in real time.

2. am i taking a step in the right direction?

fun fact: i think no one really knows what they’re doing. not trying to insult you if you think you have it all together, but many of us don’t have 20 year plans that we break up into months, weeks, and days, precisely following each and every pre-determined moment. if you’re like me, then you have LITTLE to NO CLUE what the future looks like for your life, so we are left with the present. what step are we taking today to invest in a better future? don’t put so much pressure to have it all figured out. i think planning and setting goals is important, but don’t forget to take it day by day and enjoy the process.

3. who can i impact?

this one seems so simple, but unfortunately it’s one of the most difficult. our attention is usually set on ourselves and it’s hard to see past the fullness of our own lives. but one way to live more intentionally is asking yourself, “who can i impact?”, even if it’s in the smallest way. we are wired for connection and community, so remember to reach out and help somebody. it will look different every time. buying a stranger’s groceries. holding the door open for someone. picking up a piece of garbage. reaching out to an old friend. offering your skillset for a good cause. my mom always taught me that it really doesn’t take much to completely make someone’s day. and it’s so true.

let me know if you like these sorts of posts. i’m all about personal development, so if you have any other tips to living an intentional life, feel free to share them with me!

i hope you have the best day ever.


David Elm