summer '17 highlight: the garland


when i look back at this summer, one experience that stands out as a highlight was the opportunity to team up with the garland hotel in north hollywood, california. i had the chance to spend a week at their property, immersing myself in the iconic atmosphere and capturing images that reflect their classic, southern california environment. it was really cool to take the position of "tourist" in a city where i've lived for three years. it gave me a new perspective on how special the city is and how it draws people from all walks of life.

the lobby


the lobby of the garland immediately makes you feel at home and ready for vacation (or in my case, "stay"cation). one thing i noticed is that checking in here is more relaxed than other hotels. the colors and lighting of the lobby paired with the friendliness of the staff makes for a great first impression.


the room

how sweet is this exposed brick wall?

how sweet is this exposed brick wall?

balcony snacks are the best snacks.

balcony snacks are the best snacks.

lazy mornings at the garland.

lazy mornings at the garland.

my room was perfect for my time there. lots of natural light for photos, a huge bed all to myself, and plenty of storage place for my luggage and camera gear. being on the top floor guaranteed that i had a balcony, which was a great addition to the room. sipping on morning coffee is just plain better when you're overlooking the scenic hollywood hills. 

the activities

most hotels have certain amenities and events that are textbook. the garland changes the game by adding in special detailed finishes, such as a local macramé teacher and a poolside street taco cart. these events do a great job at bringing people together to converse and bond, which is a breath of fresh air in the hotel universe we find ourselves in nowadays. while similar hotels and resorts promote exclusivity and solitude, the garland places an emphasis on community.  


i cannot share every photo and every moment, as this blog post would be a mile long, but i hope you enjoyed seeing my perspective of a week spent at this great hotel. it was a nice getaway while only being a few minutes from home. 


David Elm