just do something

i’m a macro thinker. i thrive on thinking about the big vision, the bigger picture, the biggest goal - you know? i get so tightly wrapped up in the future that it has the ability to stall my productivity in the present. i often find myself overwhelmed by the gravity of my grandiose ideas that it tends to lead to me doing absolutely nothing. and if you’ve ever accomplished any sort of task in your life, you know that doing nothing really isn’t an option.

lately, i’ve been challenging myself to just do something, especially in the realm of creativity. i’ll just. make. something. it doesn’t have to be perfect (where are all my perfectionists at?) and it doesn’t even have to look good in any regard. it can just be. and while i’m at it, i can just be. i put no pressure on myself to produce excellence right away. because any creative product involves a process, and i’d much rather have a choppy beginning to a creative process than never starting the process at all.

i know this isn’t some revolutionary idea or life-changing sentiment…it’s just the simple revelation that nothing happens until something happens. if you want to make a movie, you have to start making a movie. if you want to write a book, you have to start writing a book. it won’t just appear out of nowhere one day.

so next time you’re feeling lost in your big ideas — know that you’re not alone. you want to do big things with your life and that’s 100% valid. with those ideas, i challenge you to take one healthy step in the direction of making those ideas a reality. maybe it’s talking about it with a friend, writing a script, taking a class…just do something.

i have a feeling you’re going to rock this.


David Elm
words speak for themselves

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks’ -Matthew 12:34

looking for the condition of my heart? just listen to my words. they speak for themselves.

i remember hearing my mom quote this bible verse to me over and over again as a child, typically after i ran my mouth in any direction besides good. i remember always hearing it, yet never having it “click” in my mind. you know? it wasn’t until i got older that i understood the heart & mouth connection and how powerful it was. if my heart was in the wrong, so were my words. if my heart was stirred with passion to help people, i would speak as if every person i came into contact with was an angel. if my heart was jealous of someone else’s success, i’d be quick to fiercely articulate all of my accomplishments in an embarrassing attempt to steal attention. words are simply the symptom of a heart condition, for better or for worse. now that i’m an adult, i recognize that and see how beautifully the bible speaks on this topic.

 “A person’s words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook.”

-Proverbs 18:4

words are not just powerful. they’re transformative. they bring life or death depending on how you use them. and if proverbs tells us that ‘out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks’, we must watch what is going into our hearts. what types of conversations are we having on a daily basis? what music is filling our minds on our drives to work? i’m no expert, but i can get a pretty good sense on where i’m at in life based on how i talk about myself, other people, and the world around me. all i gotta do is listen. if i’m hearing more self-deprecating comments come out of my mouth, i can almost guarantee you that i’m struggling with my body image or feeling unlovable. and that, my friends, is NOT my identity, so i have to regroup and regroup fast. all this to say: we can use our words as the thermometers of our hearts and i think that’s a major blessing.

so how do we keep our hearts healthy? well, i don’t have all the answers but i have some tips on what has worked for me:

  1. first things first, filling your mind and spirit with the bible. read it. meditate on it. hunger for it.

  2. disconnect from toxic vocabulary. before you insult yourself or someone else, think of three things you’re grateful for…it might help more than you think. gratitude and anger really can’t be in the same room.

  3. replace negative music with positive music. this one is pretty simple. it might go against how you “feel” in the moment, but trust me you’ll feel better in the long run.

  4. walk into rooms eager to find the GOOD in people and situations. expect the best. you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

i’m sure there’s more, but those are just a few. i hope you feel empowered to speak highly of yourself and your world that surrounds you. check in with your heart and make adjustments where necessary. let goodness in, and let goodness flow out. the world is yearning to hear the words of hope you’re going to speak.

be well,


David Elm
psa: you matter.

hi again. first, forgive me while my brain explodes thinking about how i can type out words onto a computer that other human beings from all over the world can read instantly when i press “publish”. technology never ceases to astound me. ok, let’s proceed.

if we’ve never met, hello i’m david i’m a 22 year old creative thinker + content creator + writer + podcaster and i’m here to tell you this: you matter. you’re probably thinking: “uh okay thanks random dude” BUT i mean it. i’m currently sitting at Philz Coffee in Davis, CA (shoutout to all my fellow northern californians) and as i look around at the 30+ people in this store, i feel a few things:

  1. the fact that i can’t possibly meet and get to know all of these people makes me sad. i’m a major people person and a good conversation is always one of my primary objectives each and every day. i’m the type of guy that leaves big groups like this wondering, “hm i wonder what those people are going to do with the rest of their day?”. call it strange, but i love feeling connected to humanity.

  2. i feel energized by knowing each of these humans has incredible potential and although i may never know what they end up doing with their lives here on earth, i’m amazed by the capacity God has given humanity to accomplish amazing things.

  3. each and every one of us matters. and it saddens me that many of us walk through our day to day life believing lies that are not in line with that fact.

what i’m getting at here is i feel a sense of personal responsibility to remind my sphere of influence that they matter. their stories should not be discounted. their dreams should not be taken lightly. they hold so much significance in the eyes of Christ and in the eyes of so many loved ones surrounding them. if we could own that as our reality, i think we would see abundant growth in our self-esteem, relationships, careers, etc.. just imagine how much you could get done in a day if you chose to reject the self depreciating thoughts that obstruct your creativity and ingenuity. this isn’t easy, especially in our comparison culture we live in. but until we all carry that confidence we all strive for, i’ll keep shouting it from the rooftops: you matter.

be well,


David Elm
favorites: january 2019

hey people! i wanted to start doing a blog series showcasing some of my favorite things each month. the list is random; there’s no rhyme or reason to it. nothing is sponsored. here are the things i’ve been liking this month:

1) cedarwood essential oil

i put a few drops in my diffuser in the morning and it smells like i’m walking through the forest and it’s great. i even put a little bit on myself like a cologne yesterday and i felt like a lumberjack. who doesn’t want that?

2) group fitness

i’ve been taking health & fitness more seriously this year, but i was struggling to find motivation at my regular gym. a close friend recommended orangetheory fitness to me and i have been attending classes regularly (4 days in a row this week LET’S GOOO!). with the “family-like” atmosphere and the positivity of the instructors, it’s helped change my attitude towards my physical health and just fitness overall. there’s a sense of community and togetherness that makes pushing yourself easier. don’t get me wrong, the classes are NOT easy breezy and my whole body is sore, but it’s been an awesome experience.

3) “III” by Hillsong Young & Free

this album has been out for a few months, but i just recently started to shuffle through all of the songs. it’s a great album to sing along to and it’s great to have in the background while working, studying, etc. my top picks off the album: let go, highs & lows, days gone by, P E A C E

4) airpods

i’ll just admit it: i’m an airpod fanboy. they go with me practically everywhere and it just makes listening to music + talking on the phone a seamless, enjoyable experience throughout my day. if you see me out and about, there’s a good chance i’ll be wearing airpods. now if we could have apple make airpods with unlimited battery? please?

5) unfold app

i constantly get asked about how i edit my instagram photos and stories and this is one of the apps i use! i’ve been a fan of unfold for a long time and have been a faithful user of their templates for my Instagram stories (i buy every single pack whenever they launch new ones). with all of the new fonts and features, i’ve enjoyed trying my hand at some simple graphics that work well as iPhone wallpapers or possibly even printed and hung on a wall:

i hope you enjoyed this post. there will be more of these in the future when i figure out more things i like.

be well,


David Elm