introductions can be awkward…but hi, i’m david elm. i’m a multi-faceted creative based in northern california. specializing in digital content creation + writing + photography + public speaking + visual aesthetics, you could say i’m interested in a whole lot of things…& you would be correct. to simplify: i’m passionate about people, connection, and communication. i have always had an unswerving zeal for life and i strive to bring that positive outlook to every project in which i’m involved, from photographing for fashion brands to social media consulting for start-up companies to speaking on panels about confidence. in 2018, i launched “Groundwork with David Elm”, a podcast designed to encourage positive self-development and foster healthy conversation around creativity, travel, lifestyle, and faith. above all of these interests + endeavors is my faith in Jesus Christ. He is and always will be priority one and the reason i live life the way i do.

that’s how i would describe myself — oh, and if you’re into personality tests: 3w2, ENFP, ID.

i love meeting new people, so let’s connect! e-mail, instagram, carrier pigeon…whatever works.


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